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midsoft Sales Hound – CRM Software / Contact Management Software
Sales Hound – CRM Software / Contact Management Software

SalesHound CRM software is aimed at increasing sales by helping keep organised. It's very fast, can run on any mumber of PC's, it can be accessed remoteley from anywhere in the world. You can record all conversations, send e-mails, book appointments, write letters and orint labels. A call list/reminders page never lets you miss a call either. Download a free trial version or call us for a demonstration.

Price Support
Single User (Installed on 1 PC) £1995 £295
2 User network licence
£2295 £345
3 user network licence
£2495 £395
5 user network licence
£2995 £445
7 user network licence
£3495 £545
10 user network licence
£2995 £595
On site Installation/Training £550 / Day  
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CRM Software – Features
• Multi User Login
• No limit on the number of PC's (Licences Permitting)
• Can be run via remote desktop
• Fast simple to search and manage contacts database
• Designed with Sales management in mind
• Mail Merge, Export to Excel and other formats
• E-mail direct from the record
• Call list
• Reports and report designer
• Optional Web Interface for remote users
Sales Hound – Screen Shots
Main CRM Screen TOP
The main contact screen shows all of the information required by a sales person in one simple page. From here the user can review information, make a call, send an e-mail, update or add notes and set the next call.
CRM Contact Summary TOP
The contacts summary makes it simple to find contacts using the many search options. You can select contacts you wich to action, such as print a label, send an e-mail or mail merge.
CRM Call List TOP
SalesHound maintains a call list separate to the contacts summary. This allows a use to work through their calls for the day but also quickly handle requests or calls that reuire one to leave the call list and view a contact. After the contact is dealt with the call list is still as it was ready to carry on processing. It can of course be printed if required.
Change Database (Enterprise Version only) TOP
Using the Enterprise version, our clients can maintain multiple databases. This may be for seperate companies or divisions, or simply different types of contacts, i.e. sales or marketing.
CRM Summary Columns Configuration TOP
In order to make the system as flexible and tailored as possible, each user can configure their own desktop and save it for futire use. This enables different users to have a different view of the same data that might be performing different jobs.

CRM Additional Information

Just in case you need to records any specific information that is not on the main screen, we have provided an additional page of information, which can be configured as you need it.
Create Outlook Appointment TOP
If you need a reminder other than the call list, you can create an appointment in outlook directly from the contact screen.
Drop Down Boxes Setup TOP
All dropdown boxes used by SalesHound are completely customisable by the user. Here is an example of managing the list of UK counties.
E-mail TOP
The built in e-mail facility allows you to send an e-ail directly from the contact, as well as multiple contacts. You can either send using the built email system or send it directly from outlook/outlook express.
Mail Merge/Export TOP
It is often necessary to export or import data to and from other systems. SalesHound handles this with ease. Just select the data you need and the fcormat you need it in and off you go. You can also create a mail merge file for use with Microsoft Word.
Products/Services Setup TOP
Sales is all about selling products and services. We give you a lace to set up those products and services. They can be selected on the contact screen. You can even add a second interst, in case a prospect or customer is interested in a secind product.
Advanced Filters on CRM Screen TOP
The main contact summary can easily be filtered to manage specific sets of data, for example a user might need to manage contacts for a articular areas for a particular product. SalesHound makes it easy to filter this information.
Reports Module & Report Designer TOP
We include a set of reports and many more that are downloadable for free. In addition you can modify or create your own. We can even create them for you, using the easy to use report designer that is built into the system.
Reports Selection TOP
When running reports, there is criteria selection to help you narrow down the information you need.
midsoft Sales Hound – CRM Software / Contact Management Software midsoft
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