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MidWeigh- Metal Recycling Software
midsoft MidWeigh our weighbridge software manages metal, cars and other waste across the weighbridge. Customisable tickets are printed and all transactions recorded as they happen. New legislation is covered by our ID systems, and cheque printing and cashless payment integration. In addition, self bill invoices can be created written into Sage and other accounts systems.
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Single User (Installed on1 PC) £1995 £295
2 User network licence
£2495 £345
5 user network licence
£2995 £395
10 user network licence
£3795 £495
On site Installation/Training £450 / Day  
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Weighbridge Software – Features
• Record all ingoing and outgoing transactions
• Connects to virtually any weighbridge indicator
• Produces reports for EA returns
• Batch invoicing speeds up the invoicing processes
• Print tickets in any format
• Complete vehicle database
• Complete history for customer and vehicle
• Produce reports by waste type, customer etc.
• Handle aggregate sales
• New ID systems and cheque printing
Scrap Metal Software – Screen Shots
Weighbridge Tickets Summary TOP
When the program starts the system first shows you the uncomplete tickets or vehicles still on site. We make it very easy to weigh vehicles out without having to lookup the unique number from when they came in. It's as simple as just pressing Enter to show the ticket and F9 to read the Tare weight. In addition you can record the Tare weight for your own vehicles and use one way weighing if this is more appropriate.
Weighbridge Ticket Detail TOP
Most information for the transaction is stored and is quickly retreived just from the vehicle registration. Any missing information like wate carriers licence or area can be input and is storeed for next time. If a new vehicle comes on site, it;s a quick and simple operation to add it at the time of weighing.
Weighbridge Ticket Printout TOP
Most customers use a similar design of ticket. They are easy to produce on a dot matrix printer. The layout is completely flexible. We will usually amend it to fit your stationary at the time of installation, but it is very easy to amend later as well.
Vehicle Database TOP
As vehicles come on site their information is stored for the next time. The database can also be managed manually if old vehicles need to be removed or duplications fixed. Tare weights can be stored for certain vehicles to make operation simpler if required.
Product Database TOP
To make things very simple, all items moved in out or sold are given a simple code to easily itentify them. For example, MIX or GREEN are Mixed Construction or Green Waste. There's no need to remember the actual EWC code or it's description as it;s already stored. You can add, delete or modify this database as required.
Link to SkipTrak skips expected in TOP
Should you be using our Skip Hire Software, SkipTrak, we make the operation of weighing your own skips in very simple. After selecting "SKIP" as the type of transaction, your vehicles list will only display your own vehicles to make finding the correct one easier. Then you can view the collections and exchanges expected in for the selected vehicle today. AFter selecting the required skip, SkipTrak is updated with the correct weight and the skip job is marked as complete.
Batch Invoicing TOP
Invoicing your weighbridge customers couldn't be easier. You are probably used to wadign through tickets, putting them in order, adding the detail to a spreadsheet, the finally typing up them as invoices. We have seen accounts departments tale 3 weeks to raise all the invoices. We can cut that down to hours or minutes depending on the volumes. As all the information and prices are already stored then system can transfer this information directly onto invoices for you. Yo can easliy fix mistakes before and after vtreating invoices as well as adding anythng you need to later. These invoices can be integrated into accounts systems like Sage and Quickbooks.
Reports TOP
MidWeigh comes with a host of ready made reports. You can add to this, or amend the existiong reports as needed. We can create any special reports at the time of installation or any time after. The most common reports are waste in and out for EA returns, customer history, and differential reports to give an idea of profitablilty.
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